doTerra Oils, Cost Per Drop


In case you’ve been thinking that essential oils are expensive, consider this…

One 15 ml bottle of essential oil contains approximately 250 drops. And just a drop or two is powerful medicine for many different types of ailments.

Essential oils positively effect every cell in the body, and unlike pharmaceutical medicine, they are completely safe with no harmful side-effects.

dōTERRA essential oils are certified pure which means they are very potent and you usually only need to use a drop or two. And essential oils are so versatile that one condition can be treated by a variety of oils, and one oil can effectively treat a wide variety of conditions.

If you are out of balance and toxic, dōTERRA essential oils will cause your body to detox which can be uncomfortable and look similar to “being allergic to the oils”. However, if you keep using the oils they will cleanse and heal your body and once it cleans up and becomes balanced, the “symptoms” will go away – and you’ll be a lot healthier and feel a whole lot better.

COST PER DROP (wholesale price, ROUNDED UP)

15 ml. = 250 drops
10 ml. = 167 drops
5 ml. = 83 drops


Basil .08
Birch .12
Bergamot .11
Cassia .08
Cinnamon .26
Clary Sage .15
Clove .06
Coriander .11
Cypress .07
Eucalyptus .06
Frankincense .28
Geranium .11
Ginger .12
Grapefruit .07
Helichrysm .91
Lavender .09
Lemon .04
Lemongrass .04
Lime .06
Marjoram .08
Melaleuca .08
Melissa 1.39
Myrrh .18
Oregano .08
Patchouli .10
Peppermint .07
Roman Chamomile .40
Rosemary .06
Sandalwood .75
Thyme .11
Vetiver .14
White Fir .08
Wild Orange .05
Wintergreen .07
Ylang Ylang .15


AromaTouch .11
Balance .08
Breathe .08
Citrus Bliss .05
Deep Blue .38 (5 ml.)
Deep Blue .39 (10 ml. roll-on)
Clear Skin .18
DigestZen .13
Elevation .15
OnGuard .13
PastTense .12
Purify .08
Serenity .12
Slim & Sassy .10
TerraShield .04
Whisper .29

With dōTERRA essential oils, the cost is very minimal compared to the benefits, which are PRICELESS!!